Friday, 14 October 2011

Karachi Girls Pics

Dress is the identity of any nation. It is the thing which tells you the nationality of a person without even asking. Every country has its own traditional dress. Here are some photos of Pakistani women dresses:
Pakistan is amongst the few countries in the world where women’s binding is really diverse and splendiferous. The dresses frayed by the Asiatic women are a lawful image of their society and traditions.
The women of Pakistan have a varied profile that stretches across topography and classes. The urban and rural divide has been widening now; more so with the irregular socioeconomic developments in the country. Moreover, the religion, tribal, feudal, and socio-capitalistic divides further hamper the growth of women in Pakistan.
Pakistani traditional dress is the shalwar kameez. This is good for all men, women and children of Pakistan. This dress gives you great freedom of movement and is also very easy and simple to wear.
The Pakistani culture is very rich as far as clothing is concerned. These clothes are famous not only in Pakistan but also in Afghanistan, India and Bangladesh.


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